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Dvinska Plus - confectionery and culinary products
Our speciality

“Dvinska plus” offers customers various unique products with special recipe, of course with love, it’s the only way to make our products with rich flavors and sweet. Trust me, the first coffee in the morning you drink will be more delicious if you eat “Dvinska plus” products. Your friends will get more exciting when you bring “Dvinska plus” products to visit them. “Dvinska plus” products also make your family sweeter at night when everybody enjoy their dinner. “Dvinska plus” called it “Enjoy your life and share with others.”


Our mission is important and it unify our employees to reach the same goal. We think:
To produce high and fine quality of production with affordable price and tasty flavor. This helps us to define our guidelines in our works. We are strict at every orders and make the best at all.

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9th of August, 2019