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Our company

“Dvinska plus” we was a small company located in Daugavpils, Lativa from 2000, it was hard at beginning with only couple of employees. Though we had hard time, we were not famous and we even didn’t even make money when we started “Dvinska plus”, we went through the hard time with our professional knowledge, experience and we created unique products for our customers.

And now, it’s a busy company and we need to deal with many orders from customers. We work with our professional experiences and passion to reduce the unnecessary risky and wrong decision. We trust it’s the best way to make our customers happy and satisfied. Our goal is high and we can make it comes true. We have confidence and we love to get challenge.

Our speciality

“Dvinska plus” offers customers various unique products with special recipe, of course with love, it’s the only way to make our products with rich flavors and sweet. Trust me, the first coffee in the morning you drink will be more delicious if you eat “Dvinska plus” products. Your friends will get more exciting when you bring “Dvinska plus” products to visit them. “Dvinska plus” products also make your family sweeter at night when everybody enjoy their dinner. “Dvinska plus” called it “Enjoy your life and share with others.”

Our mission and value

Our mission is important and it unify our employees to reach the same goal. We think:
To produce high and fine quality of production with affordable price and tasty flavor. This helps us to define our guidelines in our works. We are strict at every orders and make the best at all. Our value is we want to be different than others, and customers will think we are better in their eyes.




Key of success

Our knowledge, strict rules, and unity make this company successful and faithful partners. We discovered the secrets of success and we know we can do it.

Trust and respect

High quality products

Best price for customers

Adding new products periodic


We want to be the best